Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Adam and Eve at Home Shopping Channel HSN Coupon Code HOME24

Looking for an HSN Coupon Code? Well, here’s an amazing offer coming straight from the Adam and Eve at Home Shopping Channel. Right now when you enter the Coupon Code HOME24 at upon checkout you will get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus FREE Shipping on your entire order and a FREE Romance Kit! The Romance Kit—gets you a toy for him, a specially selected massager for her, and a little something you both will enjoy. For sure, you just can’t beat it.

Turn yourself on all day long with the Pleasure O by Lia. There’s nothing mini about the exhilarating vibrations delivered from this powerful, high quality pleasure machine. The O ring cuddles the clitoris in all the right places and ten different settings allow you to experience rapid vibrations or longer, pulsing sensations that are easily adjusted with a simple touch of a button. You'll be reaching orgasm in no time flat with the Lia Pleasure O massager!

The looped tip is what separates this clitoral vibrator from the pack! The loop is large enough to encircle your most prominent erogenous zones, like your clit and nipples, and surround them with powerful and intense vibrations. The loop itself vibrates at very high frequencies – providing stronger and more consistent stimulation than the typical ears found on a rabbit vibrator.

Why try? The Pleasure O generates different sensations than a traditional vibrator because the ring really wraps around the clitoris. When’s the last time your entire clit was pulsing with pleasure? After trying the Pleasure O, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! With ten settings, you can easily escalate pleasure and use the longer part of the vibrator offers a handy way to stimulate the labia and/or your partners’ pleasure parts simultaneously. Of course the pleasure O can also be used for internal stimulation and the flexible material literally bends into whatever position turns you on!

Lia can be a great toy for both beginners and more advanced users. It has a pretty and playful design and you can have fun with it under the sheets, in the dark, in the bath or shower, in the daytime, in your car on the way to work, your job's bathroom on break time, just about anywhere! It is small, quiet, and discreet, you can fit it just about anywhere.

The Lia Pleasure O is a small vibrator with a circle cutout that's the perfect shape to fit over and surround your clitoris. This little vibrator has ten vibrating functions and patterns to give you all kinds of pleasure. The vibrator motor is quieter than average, giving you the discreetness you need to enjoy this sex toy even in a crowded household. The vibrator features 10 different settings for you to try out until you discover you’re favorite orgasm-inducing combination! A LED in the base flashes in sync with the current vibration setting. A special water-tight seal protects the vibrator’s battery compartment from getting wet – letting you safely use this vibrator in the shower or pool for some wet and wild fun!

The Pleasure O is made from premium silicone, is sturdy but flexible, and lightweight. The ring is made from thin but solid silicone that feels perfectly natural when positioned around the clitoris. It’s small enough to fit into your purse but long enough to deliver sensations to the clitoris and labia simultaneously. Whether you’re looking for internal stimulation, external vibrations, or a fun toy to share with your partner, the Pleasure O delivers a bang for your buck!

So, still looking for an HSN coupon code? Just remember to use the Adam and Eve Coupon Code HOME24 upon checkout at and you won’t be looking for Coupon Codes from other TV Shopping Channel anymore.

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