Monday, July 22, 2013

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The perfect anal beads! Four functions at the push of a button!

The P3 Power Balls is a multi-speed power ball to give the ultimate orgasm. The P3 Power Balls have three balls and all three vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Insert one two or all and have yourself a ball. These Velvet-touch coated balls are such a pleasure to hold and are a pleasure to receive. Four-function controller lets you decide your level of enjoyment. P3 Power Balls are the next generation of anal/vaginal beads! Each 1” ball has its own individual vibe! An easy push-button controller lets you choose from four levels of pulsation and vibration. They’re perfect for anal or vaginal thrills, and slide in easily with Velvet Touch material. You’ve never felt beads like this before!

With each ball housing its own powerful motor, and each a four function wonder! Made with the kind of premium electronics you can find at Adam & Eve and covered in Velvet Touch, the world’s silkiest finish. It takes only three beads to bring you to the edge of orgasmic releases. That’s why the P3 Power Balls Anal Beads are intentionally designed this way. These balls vibrate via the control button which you can manipulate every time. It’s perfect for couples who want to experiment with anal stimulation while doing passionate sex. These beads may be small but they definitely deliver orgasmic results. Control each ball for new sensations!

P3 Power vibrating balls are for vaginal or anal pleasure and for using to strengthen Kegel muscles by inserting them and then using your hand to pull them out as you pull back in a tug-of-war with your vaginal muscles. Equipped with a Multi-speed control and three smooth vibrating balls, P3 Power Balls will satisfy your desires for a truly unique and enjoyable experience!

With each ball containing its own vibe, you will get a great bang for your buck! Take out your balls and let the games Begin!

So, what are you waiting for?

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