Friday, July 26, 2013

Best G-Spot Vibrator – Soft Jelly Orgasmic Gels Finesse FREE Romance Kit and More

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Do you want to have a great love life? Well, I am going to reveal a trick for making your partner orgasm within seconds. It is important to understand that a great sex life have more components than just knowing one trick. After mastering this technique and implementing it, take the time to learn how to last longer in bed, so you can become a truly great lover.

If you didn’t realise sex toys are a lot more varied than rampant rabbits and magic wands so prepare for your sex toy education. Want to be gently guided into the world of pleasing your partner with shiny vibrating plastic fantastics?

Why not try this Orgasmic Gels Finesse! The Orgasmic Gels Finesse has the look of glass, and the feel of jelly. Whisk yourself to ecstasy with the multi-speed control wheel. A curved tip and ridges provide great g-spot stimulation and sensations. Waterproof and phthalates free for sweet, safe fun, in and out of water. Shaft is non-phallic with a curve tip for g-spot stimulation. The surface consists of pleasure bumps for added stimulation.

The key is to introduce toys into the bedroom gently with a vibrator, like the Orgasmic Gels Finesse. This makes the experience more intimate than intimidating, and will allow the body to familiarise itself with the vibrations, pulsations and throbbing sensations without it feeling unnerving. If you're going for a prolonged session with some top quality orgasms all round (which of course you are) then foreplay is key.

Building the anticipation is key to having orgasms that will knock your socks off, so incorporating specially made toys to stimulate you both during foreplay will obviously be nothing but a good thing. The Orgasmic Gels Finesse Vibrator is a great clitoral stimulator which can also be used all over the body to tease and excite each other. With its multiple speed, this is the perfect toy for foreplay.

Teasing your partner with the vibrator is bound to get you both fired up enough to move onto the next stage…

So, have some orgasmic bliss in the spa, bath or shower with this waterproof female stimulator, The Orgasmic Gels Finesse Vibrator!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mr. Right Now G-Spot Vibrator 50% OFF Plus FREE Shipping and More

You can’t go wrong with the Mr. Right Now G-Spot Vibrator by Adam and Eve. Mr. Right Now is a perfect adult toy for those who are beginning to explore the pleasures of g-spot stimulation. The bulbous heap tip has an embedded bullet egg vibrator that will deliver that most intense orgasm. It’s item number X977 the Mr. Right Now purple g-spot flexible toy by

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ben Wa Balls – Powerful P3 Pleasure Love Balls Enter Coupon Code HOME24 at the checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery gift and FREE Shipping on your entire order!

The perfect anal beads! Four functions at the push of a button!

The P3 Power Balls is a multi-speed power ball to give the ultimate orgasm. The P3 Power Balls have three balls and all three vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Insert one two or all and have yourself a ball. These Velvet-touch coated balls are such a pleasure to hold and are a pleasure to receive. Four-function controller lets you decide your level of enjoyment. P3 Power Balls are the next generation of anal/vaginal beads! Each 1” ball has its own individual vibe! An easy push-button controller lets you choose from four levels of pulsation and vibration. They’re perfect for anal or vaginal thrills, and slide in easily with Velvet Touch material. You’ve never felt beads like this before!

With each ball housing its own powerful motor, and each a four function wonder! Made with the kind of premium electronics you can find at Adam & Eve and covered in Velvet Touch, the world’s silkiest finish. It takes only three beads to bring you to the edge of orgasmic releases. That’s why the P3 Power Balls Anal Beads are intentionally designed this way. These balls vibrate via the control button which you can manipulate every time. It’s perfect for couples who want to experiment with anal stimulation while doing passionate sex. These beads may be small but they definitely deliver orgasmic results. Control each ball for new sensations!

P3 Power vibrating balls are for vaginal or anal pleasure and for using to strengthen Kegel muscles by inserting them and then using your hand to pull them out as you pull back in a tug-of-war with your vaginal muscles. Equipped with a Multi-speed control and three smooth vibrating balls, P3 Power Balls will satisfy your desires for a truly unique and enjoyable experience!

With each ball containing its own vibe, you will get a great bang for your buck! Take out your balls and let the games Begin!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Best Male Sex Toy – G-Kiss Prostate Massager Vibrator

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For women, the G-spot can be one of the most arousing and orgasm-inducing areas of the body to stimulate. It's always ideal to have a vibrator that will directly target and stimulate this particular spot.

The G-Kiss Prostate Vibrator features dual motors for the ultimate arousal experience. The contoured vibrating tip is perfect for g-spot arousal. Enjoy more orgasms thanks to the vibrating clitoral stimulator with pleasure nubs. This vibrator is sure to increase your g-spot and clitoral stimulation during foreplay or sex. Designed with your pleasure in mind, the vibrator is optimally shaped to maximize your G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. The contoured tip makes it easier to find and rub your G-Spot, while the enlarged stimulator is positioned to always tickle your clit no matter how you move! Add in the dual vibrator motors offering multiple vibration speeds, and you’ve got a sure thing!

The G-Kiss Prostate Stimulator uses an angled head to massage the woman's G-Spot, giving heightened sexual pleasure. In addition, the G-Kiss also includes a second nub that will massage the clitoris. The dual motors provide 3 powerful ascending speeds that deliver powerful pleasure. Made from rubber-like TPR, the vibrator is soft and unscented. The tip is flexible for your comfort, while the shaft is firm and stiff for easier penetration.

G-Kiss is the Ultimate in Feminine Arousal! Small and nifty, your g-spot will be in expert hands with this dedicated g-spot arouser. It will have you in throws of ecstasy and well on your way to your first ever g-spot powered orgasm. The G-Kiss is a dual-stimulation sex toy that works well for those who want a rabbit that stands out from others in both design and vibrations. The smaller-size makes it optimal for those who prefer smaller girth, and the softer vibrations are a much-needed alternative to the powerhouse rabbit vibrators out there.

The vibrator measures 1.25 inches across at its widest point and 7 inches long, with up to 4 inches insertable. A push button controller in the base lets you turn the sex toy on and off and change the 3 different vibration speeds. The vibrator is completely waterproof so you enjoy it in the shower to add some sizzle to your morning or in the hot tub to relax after a long day. Adam and Eve recommend the G-Kiss Vibrator for women to use for G-Spot stimulation during foreplay and sex.

With dual motors and a specialized design for optimal G-Spot and clitoral arousal, this vibrator is like a wish come true! Vibrator smooches your G-Spot & teases your clit!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Sex Toy For Men – Super Head Honcho Male Masturbator Review

Masturbators are a wonderful invention to help men out in their time of need! Married men or single men - all men have times of need!

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"It's as good as a blow-job. Women will be dancing in the streets." ––Talk Sex with Sue Johanson

The best just got better! Head Honcho was voted "Toy of the Year" by Sue Johanson's viewers, so this advanced model takes this winning design to a whole new level! The Super Head Honcho Masturbator feels very realistic. Nothing will totally replace real oral sex, especially if you have a skilled partner, but this sex toy does come pretty close! It’s one of the BEST masturbators! The ultra lifelike masturbator feels incredible and has a delightful suction that increases the deeper you go. The multi-speed vibrating bullet can be inserted in the end and send waves of vibration up and down the masturbator for a sensation that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

The Head Honcho is a silicone, male masturbator. There are plenty of those around, but this one has some unique features. It is very tight but it is still stretchy. Masturbation can feel better than ever before when you use the Super Head Honcho Masturbator. At 6″ long, the sleeve will fit most guys, and it contains three textured suction chambers which are designed to mimic the sensation of real oral sex. Many men who have tried this toy say that it’s the “best you can get, next to the real thing!” This masturbation sleeve outshines most of the others that are on the market in several categories including price, sensations and clean up. The transparent jelly material also gives you the illusion that your penis is bigger and thicker, which can be really arousing for both men who are using it during masturbation or couples who are using it together.

The ultra soft and tight opening makes the Head Honcho feel just like a woman's vagina. Lined with nubs around the opening for an added sensation when you penetrate further. Let yourself relish in the extraordinary feeling of self pleasure as you dive deeper in and the ribbed walls massage every inch of you. If you love getting great head now you can have it any time you want! Lube up and slip your erection through these sexy lips and feel all three suction chambers fire-up a deep balls-emptying orgasm as you stroke! And the Super Head Honcho is fully transparent, so your penis looks huge! Imagine the erotic thrills you'll have if you're using this amazing sex toy with your partner.

The Super Head Honcho is the masturbator you'll turn to again and again for sessions of pure pleasure!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Shopping Show – Clitoral, Anal, Vaginal Triple Vibrator Nirvana 350

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While other vibrators focus entirely on one erogenous zone, this multi-function vibrator powerhouse targets three at once to leave you screaming in no time!

The best weird-looking Nirvana 350 Vibrator, triple stimulator sex toy for women. This best clitoral stimulator is specially designed for pleasure with a curved tip to massage your G-Spot and bulging shaft to please every inch of your pussy! Clit stimulator covered with dozens of ticklers for extra arousal and slender anal stimulator delivers taboo backdoor thrills!

Nirvana 350 is a bag of tricks where you are only limitation is your imagination with dual power and triple pleasure! There are two different motors inside the vibrator – one near the tip of the vaginal stimulator and the other in the clit stimulator. This provides your two most sensitive erogenous zones with the strongest possible stimulation to help you orgasm faster than ever! Each motor boosts three different speed settings for you to try.

Made from pure silicone that is pliable and soft to the touch while remaining extremely hygienic and durable. The multi-function vibrator measures 1 inch across at its widest point and 7.75 inches long, with up to 5.5 inches insertable. The clit stimulator measures 1 inch wide and 2 inches long, and the anal stimulator measures 0.5 inch wide and 2.75 inches long. The vibrator is made using silicone, one of the safest materials for your body available. Silicone is completely free of any harmful chemicals or ingredients as well as being non porous so it won’t pick up dust or grime once you clean it.

This best clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof so you can enjoy it almost anywhere. A little vibrator fun is a great way to wake up during your morning shower. Or you can relax after a long day in the pool or hot tub with your vibrator for some wet & wild fun!

Clitoral, G-Spot, and anal stimulation to drive you wild! This weird multi-function vibrator adds a tantalizing effect. Sexy, smooth ergonomic shape feels great! Adam and Eve recommend the Nirvana 350 Stimulator for women to use for solo fun and for couples to use during foreplay.

Multiple stimulators triple your thrills!

So, what are you waiting for?

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Intense Vibrator – Triple Clitoral, Anal, and G-Spot Stimulator

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Triple the stimulation and triple the fun with Adam and Eve’s Total Ecstasy vibrator!

Have the best of both worlds with anal and clitoral stimulation! Triple stimulation for pure pleasure!

Take sexual satisfaction to ecstatic heights with this deluxe, triple stimulator vibe! As it works, you'll feel the rotating pleasure pearls massage you deep inside. Then let the rabbit ears tickle your clit with scintillating vibrations. Finally, kick it up a notch with an ecstatic, vibrating anal experience! And when you combine the variations of rotation and vibration you’re sure to reach your final destination…Total Ecstasy.

Both the clitoral and anal stimulators have an individual vibrator motor for the maximum possible power and pleasure. The rabbit ears dance over and around your clit for a playful teasing sensation, while the slim tip of the anal stimulator slides easily inside your backdoor for some dirty thrills! With 5 different vibration speeds to play with, this vibrator is sure to give you a nice buzz! Three times the ecstasy! Rotating pearls massage you deep inside while the rabbit ears tickle your clitoris and the anal teaser tickles your anus. Separate controls for rotation and vibration. The Total Ecstasy Triple Stim Rabbit Vibrator is one of the best vibrators you can get! Once you try this you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

More intense sensations are to be had from this kind of vibrator, because they are designed to be multi-tasking; providing pleasure to two or more of a woman’s erogenous zones at the same time and they are ideal for both solo use and play with a partner. They can be used very effectively in BDSM play, especially if the poor ‘victim’ is securely restrained, allowing the wielder of the toy free reign to administer pleasure non-stop.

The shaft moves to create a more natural and life-like feeling. The tip gyrates while the metal beads spin swiftly to massage your G Spot and pussy lips. There are 5 different rotation speeds for you to try. The multi-function vibrator is made of soft and flexible jelly for a comfortable experience. The shaft is covered in raised veins for extra stimulation during penetration.

The vibrator measures 1.5 inches across at its widest point and 10.5 inches long, with up to 4.75 inches insertable. The anal stimulator measures 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, insertable. The base features separate controllers for rotation and vibration, giving you dozens of different combinations to try. The back of the vibrator slides off to hold a battery cradle that stores 4 AA batteries, sold separately. The vibrator is made by Pipedream.

This rabbit vibrator will give you the most pleasurable orgasms you can imagine. From my experience, and all of the amazing reviews by others, you will see that this is one of the best vibrators you can get, and the price is great too! Adam & Eve recommend the Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Vibrator for women looking for an all-in-one sex toy and for couples to use during foreplay.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Time Jack Rabbit Vibrator Review for Beginners Use Coupon Code HOME24 at checkout to enjoy 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus FREE Shipping on your entire order and a FREE Romance Kit! That’s a specially selected toy for him, a massager for her, and a little something the both of you will enjoy.

If you're new to rabbit vibes, My First Jack Rabbit is designed for you in mind!

These days, purchasing your first vibrator is both easier yet also more complicated. It is easy to browse sex toys online and read various reviews to get an idea of what type of toy you may like. However, because there are literally hundreds of thousands of sex toys to choose from, this also makes choosing a good sex toy much harder. From the huge array of buzzing, osculating, penetrating, tickling, nuzzling, music driven, battery operated or rechargeable objects of pleasure, where do you start?

If talking about most popular and best-selling sex toys, Jack Rabbit Vibrator gains an upper hand among all the others. My First Jack Rabbit is a real wonder as it has so many features, that hardly any other sex toy may compare with the intensity of orgasms it may produce. My First Jack Rabbit vibrator changed the way women masturbate, and it continues to be one of the best overall sex toys. Women rely on this titillating rabbit vibrator for orgasm-inducing pleasure that is second to none. Many women even experience dual orgasms - clitoral and G-Spot - while this energetic rabbit vibrator's shaft rotates (3 speeds) and the clitoral tickler vibrates (3 speeds)!

Adam & Eve carries a wide selection of water based sex lubes in our catalog –– or how about right here, right now, on-line at

As this Jack Rabbit vibrator hops by, your clit will love the way his ears tickle and tease! Vibrations throughout the shaft also give your lower lips a workout with this waterproof vibrator. Now combine your Jack Rabbit's special powers! Thrusting dildo, rotating vibrator and clit vibrator functions all at once –– you'll climax with a body quake orgasm!

The waterproof Jack Rabbit comes equipped with a vibrating shaft and pulsating clitoral tickler, and this dual stimulation vibrator's multi-speed functions invite you to adjust pulsations to your liking. Like other quality rabbit vibrators, the Jack Rabbit's long, soft, and flexible shaft is crafted to feel like the perfect penis in action. A section of vibrating pleasure beads stimulates your vaginal opening while the clitoral tickler's rabbit ears vibrate and massage your clitoris.

Toys like My First Jack Rabbit are great way to learn about your body and experience orgasm, with or without a partner. Many couples find playing with toys such as rabbit vibes enhances their sexual relationship. My First Jack Rabbit is a satisfying, easy to use introduction to the world of rabbit vibes, and a fun way to explore your sexuality.

My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator delivers the thrills of other popular rabbit vibrators, at a fraction of the cost. So, get heart-racing orgasms with the Rabbit vibrator you've always wanted at the right price! It's easy-to-use! Perfect For The First-Time Rabbit Lover!

Once you’ve used Jack, you’ll never go back!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit now!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Golden Jack Rabbit Vibrator Review 50% OFF Coupon Code HOME24

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High-powered women’s vibrator stimulates your clit, G Spot and pussy all at once!

The original best-selling Jack Rabbit vibrator became a cultural phenomenon through frank and ground breaking appearances on TV. Now the best just got even better and has reached Platinum status! Waterproof with 7 stunning functions of bunny ear vibration, pulsation, and escalation, 6 powerful speeds of non-jamming rotating metal beads and a soft, pliable and durable rotating shaft, this Golden Jack Rabbit is a must have for all modern women.

A vibrating Rabbit that not only makes a girl feel like she has something special but also makes a girl feel special. The Golden Jack Rabbit is a high class toy for a low price, and it’s hard to give it a review that paints a picture of it as anything but amazing. It’s got looks comparable to an expensive piece of jewelry and the pleasure power of a lover well versed in the art of orgasms. The Golden Jack Rabbit is a toy that just doesn’t mess around.

Adam and Eve’s Jack Rabbit vibrator is better than ever! This new version of the popular women’s sex toy features a stronger motor, increased levels of power and even more options to leave you hopping! A true collector's piece for vibrator lovers! This sex toy has a stronger motor, more power levels and more options for your pleasure. And in glitzy silver or gold colors, it's as good to look at as it is to play with.

This Golden Jack Rabbit vibrator looks like something fit for a queen and its high quality design only reinforces it. The metallic beads never jam up and provide added sensations when inserted and turned on that many Rabbits still lack. The beads have multiple rotation and speed settings meaning that the variety of orgasms available to a woman from the beaded shaft alone are numerous. Add to that the easy to use controls right on the handle and a woman can quickly and easily modify her experience in order to obtain her perfect orgasm!

The rabbit vibrator’s large tip rotates to create a more natural feel while you play with your new adult sex toy. The spinning metal beads located further down the adult sex toy’s shaft are positioned to massage and grind against your G Spot. The rabbit vibrator’s fixed track ensures that the beads provide consistent stimulation no matter how hard you clinch. And the high-powered adult sex toy’s rabbit stimulator really tickles and teases your clit, vibrating hundreds if not thousands of times a minute for a super-strong stimulation.

The clear soft jelly tip glides smoothly inside you to reach your G-spot, rotating at your choice of speeds and functions to stimulate you like never before. 6 columns of non-jamming metal beads further down the shaft spin and rotate for even more thrilling stimulation on your G-spot and pussy. You'll get super-strong stimulation from the soft jelly bunny. It snuggles up to your clitoris and vibrates at 7 different speeds from gentle to super-strong to give you just the feeling you want at the exact moment you want it. Above all else, it’s waterproof and battery operated, meaning the fun can go anywhere. Bath time will never be the same!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

As Seen On TV ! Discreet Lipstick Vibrator For Sale 50% OFF

As Seen On TV! This Adam and Eve at Home TV Infomercial video clip features a discreetly lipstick vibrator on SALE!!! Get 50% OFF on this discreet lipstick vibrator or almost ANY single when you use the Adam and Eve Coupon Code HOME24 upon checkout at And when you order right now, you’ll get FREE Shipping and a FREE his and hers Romance Kit; which is composed of 3 specially selected items.

Can you keep a secret? This innocent looking tube of lipstick is actually a portable vibrator. Direct the soft, flexible tip wherever you desire, and enjoy multiple speeds and settings. Keep it in your purse of makeup case, and no one will ever suspect!

Cleverly disguised as a red lipstick, this novel vibrator is ideal for women on the go. Slip it into your purse and enjoy 3 speeds and 1 pattern of vibration anywhere you like, safe in the knowledge that its discreet appearance won't give you away. The Screaming O Studio Collection Lipstick Vibe is a strong, multifunction vibrator featuring a silicone sensation focusing flex tip. Add stylish stimulation to your makeup bag with your new favorite sexcessory – vibrating lipstick vibrator, and get a freshly flushed face that could only be the Screaming O. Shh! No one will ever know your secret!

While you can’t really put this lipstick on your lips, you can pretend to… and that’s what makes this discreet sex toy so special! It looks so much like a regular tube of lipstick no one would even guess it’s really a vibrator in disguise! This vibe is perfect for girly-girls! Its use is similar to a bullet (a small one) because only 1 3/4 of the toy is meant to be insertable. It's best used for clitoral stimulation or stimulating the opening of your vagina. It's also great to hold between the lips of your vagina or for use on the nipples. This vibrator is great for solo play or with a partner and the best uses would be foreplay and self-pleasure. This is a great toy to take on the go or to keep on you inside your purse if you don't live with your partner and want to have a toy handy. Besides, you never know when you will get the random opportunity for sex someplace new and you can have something at the ready!

There are four different vibration modes for you to try, including low, medium and high speeds and a special pattern of pulsations to tease you. Simply press the button in the bottom of the vibrator to turn it on and off and change speeds. The vibrator runs for about 80 minutes with new batteries. The discreet vibrator is completely waterproof so you can enjoy it almost anywhere – from the shower to the pool to the hot tub – without worrying about damaging your newest slimline vibrator.

The discreet lipstick vibrator measures 0.75 inch across at its widest point and 4 inches long, with up to 2.5 inches insertable. The tip of the sex toy is made from hypoallergenic and nonporous silicone.

Studio Collections Vibration Lipstick is a wonderful and whimsical way to have a bit of public play by yourself or with a playmate. Lipstick conceals two vibrators in one! This chic slimline sexcessory lets you come in style! Hide it discreetly in your purse with the rest of your makeup, and this vibrator disguised as a tube of lipstick will always be nearby when you need it the most!

So don’t forget to enter the Adam and Eve at Home TV Infomercial Coupon Code HOME24 upon checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus FREE Shipping on your entire order and a FREE his and hers Romance Kit!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Adam and Eve at Home Shopping Channel HSN Coupon Code HOME24

Looking for an HSN Coupon Code? Well, here’s an amazing offer coming straight from the Adam and Eve at Home Shopping Channel. Right now when you enter the Coupon Code HOME24 at upon checkout you will get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus FREE Shipping on your entire order and a FREE Romance Kit! The Romance Kit—gets you a toy for him, a specially selected massager for her, and a little something you both will enjoy. For sure, you just can’t beat it.

Turn yourself on all day long with the Pleasure O by Lia. There’s nothing mini about the exhilarating vibrations delivered from this powerful, high quality pleasure machine. The O ring cuddles the clitoris in all the right places and ten different settings allow you to experience rapid vibrations or longer, pulsing sensations that are easily adjusted with a simple touch of a button. You'll be reaching orgasm in no time flat with the Lia Pleasure O massager!

The looped tip is what separates this clitoral vibrator from the pack! The loop is large enough to encircle your most prominent erogenous zones, like your clit and nipples, and surround them with powerful and intense vibrations. The loop itself vibrates at very high frequencies – providing stronger and more consistent stimulation than the typical ears found on a rabbit vibrator.

Why try? The Pleasure O generates different sensations than a traditional vibrator because the ring really wraps around the clitoris. When’s the last time your entire clit was pulsing with pleasure? After trying the Pleasure O, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! With ten settings, you can easily escalate pleasure and use the longer part of the vibrator offers a handy way to stimulate the labia and/or your partners’ pleasure parts simultaneously. Of course the pleasure O can also be used for internal stimulation and the flexible material literally bends into whatever position turns you on!

Lia can be a great toy for both beginners and more advanced users. It has a pretty and playful design and you can have fun with it under the sheets, in the dark, in the bath or shower, in the daytime, in your car on the way to work, your job's bathroom on break time, just about anywhere! It is small, quiet, and discreet, you can fit it just about anywhere.

The Lia Pleasure O is a small vibrator with a circle cutout that's the perfect shape to fit over and surround your clitoris. This little vibrator has ten vibrating functions and patterns to give you all kinds of pleasure. The vibrator motor is quieter than average, giving you the discreetness you need to enjoy this sex toy even in a crowded household. The vibrator features 10 different settings for you to try out until you discover you’re favorite orgasm-inducing combination! A LED in the base flashes in sync with the current vibration setting. A special water-tight seal protects the vibrator’s battery compartment from getting wet – letting you safely use this vibrator in the shower or pool for some wet and wild fun!

The Pleasure O is made from premium silicone, is sturdy but flexible, and lightweight. The ring is made from thin but solid silicone that feels perfectly natural when positioned around the clitoris. It’s small enough to fit into your purse but long enough to deliver sensations to the clitoris and labia simultaneously. Whether you’re looking for internal stimulation, external vibrations, or a fun toy to share with your partner, the Pleasure O delivers a bang for your buck!

So, still looking for an HSN coupon code? Just remember to use the Adam and Eve Coupon Code HOME24 upon checkout at and you won’t be looking for Coupon Codes from other TV Shopping Channel anymore.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wireless Butterfly Venus Penis G Vibrator 50% OFF FREE Shipping

The Adam and Eve Shop at Home Shopping Show Channel Network, together with Jana Burgess and Dr. Kat Van Kirk, review the Venus Penis G Wireless Butterfly Vibrator.

Get 50% OFF almost ANY single item when you enter the Offer Code HOME24 upon checkout at Plus FREE Shipping on your entire order and a FREE His and Hers Romance Kit!

Let's hear it for strap-on vibrators with a difference! This petite little number is one of few strap-on vibes that actually delivers consistent g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation. Activated by an easy to use remote control, the Venus Penis G is shaped like a butterfly and is attached to your vagina via invisible thigh straps. Most vibrating underwear and panties can’t beat this.

This exciting wireless butterfly vibrator delivers powerful yet discreet pleasure! Easily worn underneath clothing for pleasure anywhere, anytime, the adjustable harness holds the butterfly vibe against you comfortably and securely. So, have an orgasmic night out on the town!

Catch this butterfly strap in vibrator for wireless remote control G Spot vibrator far as 32 feet away! Great for hands-free thrills or sexy games where your partner uses the controller in the next room! The Venus Penis "G" is a fully wireless vibrator, designed to be strapped to the user's thighs and nestled against her g-spot and clitoris—similar to those vibrating underwear and panties. The thin, short probe is curved and encompasses the motor, making it ideal for g-spot stimulation while the user or her partner control the vibrating function with the wireless remote. The butterfly also has a little "stinger" for perineal or anal stimulation.

Curved 2 1/2" probe vibrator is shaped for perfect stimulation! Wings also vibrate for total vaginal thrills! Comfy soft vinyl thigh straps are fully adjustable for a perfect fit. Can be worn under clothing –– try it with a sexy movie together!

The Venus Penis "G" is a nice choice for partnered play since it has a wireless remote, which your friend across the room can use to cycle the Venus through varying patterns of butterfly kisses under your skirt. It is also great for a lady who is solo though, since the remote affords much greater movement during use because there are no wires to get tangled in or accidentally pull on. Whether being used with a friend or on your own, this is a toy that would be better used in say, a noisy restaurant or night club than in meeting room or Sunday service since whoever is within about 10 feet of you will surely hear the quiet buzz of your pleasure.

The hands free vibrator experience is hard to describe until you've tried it yourself. Wearing a strap-in vibrator like the Venus Penis "G" is perfect for this. You can walk around your home wearing the Venus Penis for a little bit, either in the nude or under some clothes, just to get used to wearing it. The straps are softer than they used to be and fully adjustable. You'll feel very, very kinky just by wearing this and feeling the curved probe stimulate your G spot while the butterfly wings play with your labia lips.

Then, perhaps after handing over the remote controller to a partner, switch it on when you least expect it. The stimulation from your butterfly will take your breath away, setting off a series of chain reactions ending in a satisfying orgasm. The stimulation from your butterfly will take your breath away, setting off a series of chain reactions ending in a satisfying orgasm. Or watch a sexy movie together and take turns at who gets to turn on the remote controller. There's something to be said for sessions that last more than an hour. Go ahead and tease your clit, labia and G spot silly with stimulation. Because the final release of a good come is sure to make your head spin!

Hands free g spot stimulation. Cordless remote control and handing the fate of your g spot to the whims of your partner. Get set for many kinky afternoons and evenings with the Venus Penis "G"!

Hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. Available only at the Adam and Eve at Home Shopping Show Channel Network.